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Arlington Montessori House

3809 Washington Boulevard
Arlington, VA, 22201
United States




The children at Arlington Montessori House (AMH) spend their days in two charming houses designed to provide a nurturing environment that supports their innate curiosity, growing independence and instinctive social connections.  Our small community encourages deep relationships between school and family as partners working together for the benefit of our children.  Children attend AMH for three or four years, culminating in their Kindergarten year, allowing for the full benefit of our Montessori education.  

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Arlington, you will find a calm sanctuary for exploration.   Both of our classrooms serve 28 students of mixed ages and are led by a certified teacher.  The houses share a common driveway, a spacious playground and small garden beds which compliment our safe and inviting classrooms.  Join us at AMH and build lasting relationships as your child experiences the gift of Montessori.


We are a community committed to helping each of our children and families realize the full benefit of a complete Montessori experience that meets the needs of the whole child.  We recognize that a partnership between home and school is a critical part of the successful development of children.


We are a practicing community in which everyone is respected, valued, engaged and challenged.


We hold an AMI Certificate of Recognition which indicates we follow Dr. Maria Montessori's principles and practices in their original integrity and completeness.  Our compliance to pedagogical standards, employment of AMI Primary certified Teachers and a consultation by an AMI trained consultant once every three years ensures we provide a high-quality Montessori experience for the families at AMH.  Additionally, we support professional development and continued education training for all of our staff through workshops at Washington Montessori Institute and at AMI Refresher Courses.  To learn more about AMI USA, please visit 

Character formation cannot be taught.
It comes from experience and not from explanation.
— Maria Montessori