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Arlington Montessori House

3809 Washington Boulevard
Arlington, VA, 22201
United States


Our Montessori Experience

                              SHOE POLISHING


Our classrooms are brimming with purposeful activity.  Children want to have meaningful work that engages their mind and their body.  They want to be shown respect for their abilities.  They take great pride in every task they undertake, whether that is sweeping up crumbs from the snack table, polishing a friend's shoe or counting to 1000 on the 1000 chain.  Real life activities speak to the child's natural developmental needs.  We provide this extraordinary environment at AMH.


We pride ourselves in being a practicing community where children are encouraged to work on their interests for as long as they want.  This opportunity to repeat and practice not only leads the child to self-mastery but also builds concentration, perseverance and self-confidence in the process.  We also practice community through the inherent social dynamics that exist in a classroom of 28 children between the ages of 3 to 6 years.  Imagine the natural leadership opportunities that exist for the older children as they guide their younger classmates and work together.  Imagine the indelible impact the mentorship leaves on the youngest children as it shapes their future role as leaders.  AMH provides a safe, nurturing environment for practicing community. 

                           GRADING COLOR BOX 3



We believe partnership is essential in creating a strong community.  Inside the classroom, we encourage the practice of respectful connections.  Outside of the classroom, we advocate for a partnership between family and school to best support each child in our care.  It is this unique partnership that empowers the children of AMH to be respectful citizens of the world, for they are our future.

Believe in the child.
— Maria Montessori