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Arlington Montessori House

3809 Washington Boulevard
Arlington, VA, 22201
United States



"We have been a part of the Arlington Montessori House community for the past seven years as our two children completed their primary Montessori education at the school through kindergarten. It is hard to put into words what AMH has meant to our children, without doubt it has inspired a love of learning and an incredible sense of self reliance and confidence in their ability to manage tasks on their own. There are three things that have stood out in their years at AMH. The first is the multi-age classroom, both my children adored learning from their older peers in their early years and were patient, skilled, and proud mentors to younger children as they advanced. The second is the differentiation that is inherent in the Montessori method, it is amazing to see how the various materials and approaches in the classroom build year to year. Truly the sky is the limit. Lastly, AMH provides a learning space that is beautiful, loving, and that belongs to the children. We feel so lucky that AMH has been a part of our their lives." - Quail and Gyon Sugiarto, alumni parents 


"We absolutely love Arlington Montessori House and our sons Jack and Max are thriving there! The calm and nurturing environment, attentive and loving teachers and staff, and true dedication to the Montessori philosophy is what drew us to the school, and we can say that our high expectations of these have been exceeded at every step. The experiences they get at AMH are purposeful, unique, and truly focused on developing each of our children as an individual. I fully believe they couldn't get this anywhere else, and we can't imagine being anywhere else for these formative years! We love the entire community that AMH is and feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it." - Cathy and Matt Fenwick, current parents

"As prospective parents, we were astounded by our observation of the AMH classroom. The class had 28 children but only one teacher and assistant and yet it was calm and organized. We were struck by the children's self-reliance and confidence. In the two years that our son has been at AMH, we have watched him become a highly independent, focused and capable child who respects others, himself and his surroundings. AMH's dedication to the Montessori method, amazing teachers, assistants, and staff, and partnership with parents makes it a very special school. We feel lucky to be a part of it." - Patty Stasco and Greg Gieryic, alumni parents

"We had three children attend Arlington Montessori House and have been thrilled with the quality of the environment and of the education they received. Our children have emerged with a deep love of learning, and perhaps more importantly, confidence and kindness." - Stephanie and Ryan (Arlington), alumni parents

"Our time at AMH was very special. It was a great introduction to Montessori where we saw our son's confidence grow to a point where we decided to continue in elementary Montessori. The community, the teachers and the staff were extremely supportive during some crazy times for us and we have some life-long friends from the community. It is a start to our son's education, which we think of very fondly." - Shraddha and Kapil Mehta, alumni parents

"AMH is hands-down the best gift we have given our daughters (rising 6th and 4th graders). The foundation they received during their four years has benefited them in countless ways that we see every day. That foundation is guiding them and will continue to benefit them throughout their lives. The AMH team is truly one-of-a-kind and we feel lucky they were in our daughters' lives.” - Jessica and Tom Myers, alumni parents

"AMH is a gem of a school in the heart of Arlington. The amazing staff - and their passion for the Montessori approach, combined with an enthusiastic parent community - makes for a truly remarkable and diverse community. I couldn't have asked for a better school to lay the foundation for my daughters' love of learning and facilitate their natural inclination to explore and understand the world around them." - Kristin Weed, alumni parent

"We had a great experience at Arlington Montessori House. The Directresses and staff are loving and caring and the co-op nature of this preschool creates a great community feel for children and parents alike. Our son thrived in the environment and has developed a love of learning and thirst for knowledge as well as making some life long friendships." - Natasha and Greg Adnams, alumni parents

"After six years as parents of three students at AMH, we are sorry to leave the school. We'll be starting a new stage in our family's life in a different country, where we will miss the whole AMH community. Like most siblings, our three sons are very different from each other. Yet, at AMH they all found a place to grow, explore, have fun and develop friendships. More importantly, they all felt loved. We are sure that their Montessori experience will have long lasting effects in their life. In their own unique ways they all feel comfortable working independently as well as collaborating and playing with other children, regardless of age. We would wholeheartedly recommend AMH to any parent looking for a high quality Montessori school where teachers and administrators truly care about their children." - Karin and Damian Olive, alumni parents